Mathematical Analysis and Probability

PAris Sciences & Lettres and PAdova


MAPPA is a joint programme for Master Students interested in Mathematical Analysis and/or Probability. It is jointly operated by University of Padova and University Paris Sciences & Lettres.

The program consists of 120 ECTS in two years, of which 60 ECTS are obtained at the home institution and 60 ECTS are obtained at the partner institution. The language of instruction in both institutions is English. By following the program, a student receives both:

Newly graduated students will be in a strong position to apply to high-level doctoral programmes worldwide or for jobs in companies looking for applied mathematicians with a deep know-how in modeling, control, finance.

Students must respect the Study Programme: see details for students from Padova and from University Paris Sciences & Lettres. In both cases, the dissertation is prepared at the partner institution, jointly supervised by a professor of the partner and a professor of the home institutions.

Students in Padova are admitted via a selection process: see more details here.


The 2021-2022 admission call
for students with
Padova as home institution
is available here.
Deadline May 31st, 2021.